Nordicmind – Puppet’s value added distributor for Nordics – is happy to announce it has signed Eficode as Gold Partner for Puppet.

Eficode is one of the leading DevOps solution providers in Nordics – now expanding to elsewhere in EMEA. They were also recently appointed as Atlassian Partner of the Year worldwide.

“The partnership will open up the full suite of Puppet products to Eficode customers and will support them at every step of their application deployment and automation process on the path to delivering outstanding digital experiences.” said John Schwan, VP of Channel, Puppet. “With this agreement, we hope to supplement Eficode’s industry-leading technical knowledge of the DevOps ecosystem with a best-in-class toolset to help customers at every stage of their automation journey.” he continues.

“We are excited to start a partnership with Puppet. We have worked with its open-source platform for many years to enable our customers’ digital experiences, and we are pleased to extend our partnership to include the full suite of Puppet products. In addition, the partnership will support us as we look to grow our European business, including expanding into the Benelux region and beyond. Our in-house developers are eager to use and recommend the Puppet toolset, and we are excited to be able to share these with our current and future customers, who are looking for new ways to deploy applications, as well as automate and manage the delivery pipeline.” commented Niko Herold, Eficode’s VP of international operations.

Nordicmind is looking forward to continue and expand the cooperation with Eficode – serving customers with the best vendors, best products and best expertise.

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