DevOps Tooling Morning 2018

Automation, CI/CD, DevSecOps, Performance Monitoring


Stockholm 6.11.2018

Gothenburg 7.11.2018


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From Idea to Development and Production in Seconds!
Securely and Automatically.

How to meet and exceed business and operational requirements in DevOps toolchain? How to manage whole CI/CD chain? How to incorporate automatic security principles to that process? What are the best tools and practices?

In this event you will see how to manage DevOps toolchain with DevOps velocity, what are the typical use cases, and learn about the leading technologies.

This event is free of charge, and has a technological focus. It is targeted for DevOps specialists, architects and team leaders.


08:30Registration & Breakfast
09:00Welcome & Kickoff
09:05DevOps Tooling Trends for 2019
09:40Application Performance Monitoring & Business Metrics
Finding and fixing roadblocks in your code boils down to search. Elastic’s dedicated user interface for APM lets you identify bottlenecks and zero in on problematic changes at the code level. As a result, you get better, more efficient code that leads to a speedier develop-test-deploy loop, faster applications, and better customer experiences.
10:15Coffee Break
10:25Simplifying CD and Unifying DevOps Workflows
How to simplify continuous delivery and unifying DevOps workflows, including automating the the build and deployment of applications - whether they’re traditionally packaged or container-based apps running in Kubernetes? How to have visibility and audit trails for every action taken? These questions will be covered in presentation & demo.
11:00Accelerating DevOps Workflows with Self-Service Provisioning and Automation in Multi-Cloud Environments
Increasing speed of code deployments requires connecting a disparate number of tools on the Dev side and Ops side. This is made more complicated in multi-cloud hybrid IT environments. API sprawl is beginning to be a problem. In this session you will learn how to streamline CI / CD workflows from code commit to deployment to last mile monitoring, and logging.
11:25DevSecOps: Security at DevOps Speed
Software development is pressed for faster and faster release cycles with acceptable quality, budget and security. As movements like CI, CD and Devops aim to cut down on release cycles, it’s security’s job to help control the risk. The risk landscape is complex as modern development practices increasingly consume more and more third party code. Traditional methods do not cut it anymore – it’s time for DevSecOps. This session gives an overview of how companies have implemented DevSecOps practices in their own delivery pipelines and how this can help increase developer awareness of risks affecting them. We’ll walk an example CICD Pipeline and explore how security has been embedded as a part of it, how the movement is shaping up and how standards are starting to follow suite.
11:50Q&A, Wrap up

Program subject to modifications

Dates & Locations


Tuesday, Nov 6, 2018
7A Centralen
Vasagatan 7, Stockholm


Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018
Åvägen 24, Göteborg

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