DevOps Tooling Day 2019

Automation, DevSecOps, Analytics, Containers


Oslo, June 4, 2019 @ MESH


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From Idea to Development and Production in Seconds!
Securely and Automatically.

How to meet and exceed business and operational requirements in DevOps practices? How to measure it and what are the metrics? How to incorporate automatic security principles to that process? What are the best tools and practices?

In this event you will see how to manage DevOps toolchain with DevOps velocity, what are the typical use cases, and learn about the leading technologies.

This event is free of charge, and has a technological focus. It is targeted for DevOps specialists, architects and team leaders.

DevOps Tooling Day is technologically focused educational event series, which has already gathered hundreds of DevOps experts across the Northern Europe. Fast introductions, crystallizing the key take-aways, technical demos and meeting with colleagues! This is what it is all about. Welcome!



Fast paced information package that crystallizes the essence of relevant solution areas within DevOps practices. Each ending with 5 recommended key take-a-ways to remember.

It’s demo time! Concrete use case demos – this is how it should & could be done.

08:15Registration & Breakfast
09:00Welcome & Kickoff
/ Michael Svendsen & Teemu Anttila, Nordicmind
09:15DevOps in the Cloud
/ Kirsti Sandnes Stien & Erik Kaareng-Sunde, Redpill Linpro
09:40DevOps & Automation
Crystallizing the essence in 20 mins + 5 key take-a-ways
/ Kevin Reeuwijk, Sr Sales Engineer, Puppet
10:00DevOps & Security
Crystallizing the essence in 20 mins + 5 key take-a-ways
/ David Doughty, Partner Technical Manager, Sonatype
10:20Coffee Break
10:35DevOps & Cloud Native Developer Experience
Crystallizing the essence in 20 mins + 5 key take-a-ways
/ Peter Andersson, SUSE
10:55DevOps & Analytics
Crystallizing the essence in 20 mins + 5 key take-a-ways
/ Arthur Eyckerman, Solution Architect, Elastic
11:15Customer Case Introduction: Norwegian Bank
11:45Lunch & Networking
12:30DEMO: DevSecOps - How to Build Secure DevOps Pipelines and Prevent Being the Next Equifax
In 2017, hackers took three days to identify and exploit a new vulnerability in Equifax’s web applications. Equifax didn’t have the visibility to locate where Struts2 was in their software development life cycle. It has cost them millions of dollars. It’s time for organisations to approach the challenge of managing open source software by using automated technology – especially when exploits happen. In this demo, we walk you through how to automate open source security within your software development life cycle. Demonstrating how you can be alerted if you use an open source component with a known vulnerability, and the steps to remediation.
/ David Doughty, Partner Technical Manager, Sonatype
13:15DEMO: DevOps Automation - How to detect and remediate vulnerabilities across your infrastructure
Mitigating security vulnerabilities across your infrastructure is a soul crushing job... you receive endless spreadsheets of vulnerabilities found by scanners from the security team but have no good way of determining what is most urgent and, more importantly, how to remediate them at scale. In this demo we walk you through how you can turn the scanner reports into interactive dashboards, and how you can automate the remediation of vulnerabilities at scale.
/ Kevin Reeuwijk, Sr Sales Engineer, Puppet
14:00Coffee Break
14:15DEMO: Deploying applications in a modern world without headaches
This session will take the attendee on a demo led journey highlighting some real world problems. The live demonstrations will include:
- How to help you to give the users a non disruptive experience even though the app is unstable.
- How to automatically handle increasing user base and scale to handle the higher load.
- Deploy new versions of your application with a smooth transition with no end user disruption.
- How to easily troubleshoot when something goes wrong.
/ Peter Andersson, SUSE
15:00DEMO: DevOps & Analytics
While Kubernetes can dramatically simplify the task of application deployment in containers, it also adds some complexity for the day-to-day tasks of managing application performance and gaining visibility into services. In the dynamic world of microservices, containers, and Kubernetes, we need to rethink how we monitor logs, metrics, and tracing data in cloud native environments. In this demo we will aim for a TTR (Time To Resolution) after a performance degradation.
/ Arthur Eyckerman, Solution Architect, Elastic
15:45Q&A, Lottery
16:00Event ends

Program subject to modifications

Date & Location

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 @ 09-16
Tordenskioldsgate 3, Oslo

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