SIOS iQ for VMware

SIOS iQ™ is a machine learning analytics software platform designed to be your primary resource for IT operations information and issue resolution. This simple, intelligent solution learns infrastructure behaviors and provides answers to difficult problems in complex VMware IT environments.


What is SIOS iQ all about?

SIOS iQ is a next generation analytics platform built from the ground up to be adaptable and scalable to the needs of enterprise IT departments. It is designed to be the primary resource for IT operations information and issue resolution. An advanced, extensible platform architecture enables SIOS iQ to consolidate a variety of data sources into a single repository where it can apply advanced analytics to deliver critical intelligence and information in a remarkably easy to use form.

SIOS iQ aggregates and normalizes data from various infrastructure resources – such as application, storage, server, and network in a data repository. It analyzes this data using machine learning-based technology augmented by innovative analytical methods. SIOS iQ recognizes abnormal patterns of behavior and identifies root causes of issues. It automatically recommends the best solutions, filtering out the noise and alert storms typical in traditional approaches. Its purpose is to deliver actionable information that the IT admin can use to solve problems.

SIOS iQ simulates the results of proposed recommendations and predicts the outcome of the changes eliminating hours of manual analysis of data pieced together from many sources and tools. SIOS iQ, rapidly synthesizes and summarizes key information needed by the IT admin and delivers it through a remarkably easy-to-use mobile, touch-optimized user interface.

SIOS iQ is easy to implement. It requires no agents or complex configuration. You can set it up in as little as 15 minutes and start gaining important information about application status without the need for manual analyses or the involvement of multiple domain “silo” experts.

The SIOS iQ product itself is fully functional but SIOS iQ needs approximately 7 days of continuous use to learn and become situationally aware of your specific environment.

The SIOS PERC Dashboard lets you quickly and easily ensure that your VMware environment is optimized along four key quality of service dimensions: performance, efficiency, reliability and capacity (PERC). Color coded status indicators showing the criticality of issues – critical, warning and informational. Drill down to find out more about affected resources or click on the Performance Root Cause Analysis button to see the cause of the problem and the recommended solution.

What can SIOS iQ do for me?


SIOS iQ enables you to quickly address the root cause of performance problems, identify under used resources, and optimize configurations to help you get the most value from your VMware environment. Advanced machine learning eliminates false positives and alert storms, providing you with the information you need in an easy to use, graphical interface.

Optimizing application environments in VMware is a highly manual, time-consuming process, requiring significant guesswork and continuous adjustment. SIOS iQ provides a simple, intelligent way to ensure business critical application environments in VMware are optimized for performance, efficiency, reliability, and capacity.

  • Explore your VMware environments and infrastructure
  • Identify and correct real-world issues quickly
  • Optimize performance, efficiency, reliability, and capacity utilization

Key Features

  • Performance Root Cause Analysis
  • Host-Based Caching
  • Resource Optimization
  • Touch and Mobile Optimized