Puppetize Live 2018 Recordings Collection

Check out the videos of your favorite sessions from San Francisco, Sydney, Amsterdam and Global Stream-Only Sessions.

Opening Keynote (Sanjay Mirchandani, CEO & President, Puppet)

Puppet Product Announcements (Omri Gazitt, Chief Product Officer, Puppet)

Measuring Your DevOps Performance (Alex Bilmes, Senior Director of Product, Puppet)

Puppet + Google Cloud: Migrating to the Cloud with Puppet (Alex Stephen and Nathan McKinley, Software Engineers, Google)

Postmodern Puppet: Puppet Enterprise 2019 and Puppet 6 (Eric Sorensen, Director of Product Management, Puppet)

Scaling Sparta: Military Lessons for Growing a Dev Team (Emily Freeman, Developer Advocate)

We’re in This Together: Lessons from Growing a Collaborative Culture (Martin Jackson, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Walmart)

Scaling Splunk Cloud with Puppet Enterprise (Chris Vervais and George Starkey, Splunk)

Bolting on Automation in the Real World (Nick Maludy, DevOps Manager, Encore Technologies)

Scaling DevOps Success Before Cynicism Takes Over (Michael Stahnke, Director of Engineering, Puppet)

Opening Keynote (Tim Zonca, SVP of Marketing & Business Development, Puppet)

Puppet Product Announcements (Deepak Giridharagopal, CTO & Chief Architect, Puppet)

Know Before You Go – Puppet Code Deployment Best Practices (Chris Barker, Senior Principal Integration Engineer, Puppet)

Do More with Less: How to Managem More and Code Less (Geoff Williams, Principle Consultant, Declarative Systems)

Building a DevOps Pipeline with AWS (Mark Rambow, Software Development Manager, Amazon)

Bolt 1.0: The Secret to Lightning Fast Automation (Yasmin Rajabi, Senior Product Manager, Puppet)

Self-Service Infrastructure: Using Puppet Enterprise with ServiceNow, vRealize, Slack and PowerBI (Daniel Ring and Brent O’Neill, Transurban)

Why Kubernetes Won’t Save Your Application (Carl Caum, Product Manager, Puppet)

Puppet, the Automation Journey: Configuration Management, Automation and the Cloud (Brendan Rosewarne, Monash University)

Orchestrating the Orgestrator (Scott Coulton, Principal Software Engineer, Puppet)

Beards, Brownfields and (de)Borkage (Nathan Kroenert and Boyd Adamson, ANZ Bank)

Opening Keynote (Sandra Hamilton, VP of Customer Success, Puppet)

Puppet Product Announcements (Matt Waxman, VP of Product, Puppet)

Puppet Networking: To Agentless and Beyond! (Rick Sherman, Netwprk Automation Lead, Puppet)

Challenges and Achievements of an IT Team in the Financial Sector (Ronald Horst, Automation Specialist, Aegon)

Introduction to Bolt: Imperative and Declarative, Together at Last (Lucy Wyman, Software Engineer, Puppet)

The Hows and Whats of Service Monitoring at CERN (David Moreno Garcia, DevOps Engineer, CERN)

Reducing Security Risks with DevOps Practices (Jonathan Stewart, Senior Product Manager, Puppet)

Managing Puppet at Scale Powered by Operational Intelligence Using Splunk (Andreas Knol, Technical Product Manager, KPN)

Top 4 Tips for Module Development (Helen Campbell and Paula Muir, Software Engineers, Puppet)

Ops Hates Containers. Why? (Martin Alfke, CEO, example42 GmbH)