ObserveIT’s Insider Threat Management solution is used by over 1,200 organizations worldwide for its unique and powerful ability to address enterprise security risks


BOSTON, May 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ObserveIT, the world’s leading provider of insider threat management software, today announced that International Data Corporation (IDC) has named the company an IDC Innovator in the behavioral analytics and identity awareness market. ObserveIT was recognized as the first user behavioral analytics (UBA) solution to combine related UBA, supervision and monitoring, and training technologies into a single platform that provides an added layer of context and behavioral modification.

An overview of the report, IDC Innovators: Behavioral Analytics and Identity Awareness, 2016 (Document #US41144816, May 2016), citing ObserveIT’s accomplishments is available here.

ObserveIT’s Insider Threat Management platform is a proactive security solution that keeps insiders (employees, vendors, etc.) in policy, and when someone acts out of policy, records the session automatically to speed investigations. The system also automatically ranks insiders on their threat levels, and enables security teams to act quickly to mitigate both malicious and unintentional actions.

Highlights of ObserveIT’s value to customers:

Full visibility: Rather than sifting through thousands of log files searching for a snowflake during a blizzard, ObserveIT gives organizations complete vision into each and every human-related incident. This who/what/when/where/how information is actionable, and enables organizations to mitigate risk immediately and bring them into compliance with important regulations.

Fewer incidents: Immediately reduces number of incidents that put companies at risk. Every person across an organization is notified if they are about to act out-of-policy, and that if they continue, their session will be recorded. This acts as both an effective education tool and deterrent.

Faster investigations: Rather than hours of legwork, security teams only need minutes to investigate incidents, and not only do they have immediate insight into what occurred, the ObserveIT solution automatically stack-ranks people by risk behavior, prioritizing their efforts and making the entire security program more effective.

“ObserveIT’s ability to deter, detect and record risky activity by insiders is a powerful and unique solution to the biggest cybersecurity threat facing organizations today,” said Mike McKee, CEO of ObserveIT. “We are proud have been named an IDC Innovator for the work we are doing to help over 1,200 customers around the world dramatically reduce insider data breaches.”

IDC Innovators reports present a set of vendors chosen by an IDC analyst within a specific market that offer an innovative new technology, a groundbreaking approach to an existing issue, and/or an interesting new business model. It is not an exhaustive evaluation of all companies in a segment or a comparative ranking of the companies. IDC Innovator and IDC INNOVATORS are trademarks of International Data Group, Inc.