Migrate from Oracle to EDB Postgres

Helsinki, June 5, 2018


Hands-on workshop for experts interested in migrating multiple Oracle databases to PostgreSQL

Morning coffee and one hour overview & introduction for managers and sales as well


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Welcome to Oracle Migration Workshop

This one day training-workshop covers the basics of approaching and handling Oracle Migration Tasks. During the session, the trainer will help you understand how to approach a migration task, how to map the features of Oracle with Postgres and which tools will help complete the migration. Ps. Many topics in this workshop would also be applicable for those aiming to migrate from other proprietary databases e.g. Microsoft SQL Server.

We start the day with short one hour overview and business benefits when migrating to EDB Postgres. Organizations using EDB Postgres can cut database costs by 80% or more and reduce their reliance on costly proprietary database solutions. A study by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command concluded that government organizations could achieve Oracle cost avoidance of 95% by moving to EnterpriseDB’s (EDB) Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Read more about EDB & Oracle Compatibility.

This workshop is free of charge, and is targeted to DBAs. Morning coffee session (1 hour) is also targeted for sales professionals and business decision makers.


There will be breaks during the sessions.

08:30Breakfast available
09:00Overview Session

EDB's Oracle compatibility, business benefits and customer use case introductions (this session is also suitable for sales professionals and decision makers).
10:00Technical Training

Technical differences between an open source PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server

EDB Tools (High Availability, Replication, Backup/Restore, Management and Monitoring)

EDB Postgres Architecture

EDB Postgres Cluster Management

EDB Postgres Cluster Configuration

EDB Postgres Advanced Server - Oracle Compatibility (what it is and its benefits)
13:00Hands-on exercise

Become familiar with EDB Postgres Migration Toolkit and discover the most common migration related issues
16:00Workshop ends

Workshop will be in Finnish language in case all attendees are Finnish speaking


Ossi Karjalainen
Director, Sales Engineering

Ossi Karjalainen is a Sales Engineering Director at EnterpriseDB, responsible for supporting the company’s sales efforts in all EMEA. In this role, Ossi bring his deep database knowledge to prospects and customer engagements, to understand their requirements and to recommend specific solutions that meet their business goals. Prior to joining EnterpriseDB in 2010, Ossi was an independent consultant with Nokia Networks, stationed in his native Finland, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Germany, supporting the company’s mobile network management initiatives using extensively Oracle core database products.

Laptop Requirements

Modern laptop with:

  • Multi-core (preferably 4+ cores) 64-bit CPU.
  • Preferably with virtualization extensions available and enabled in BIOS and OS  (VT-d, VT-x.)
  • At least 8GB of ram but 16GB is much more comfortable
  • 15GB of usable disk space. Preferably on SSD
  • OS capable of running Virtualbox 5, preferably Linux or MacOS but Windows 7 or higher (64-bit) should do.
  • Virtualbox or (or other solution capable of running a Virtualbox VM/OVA file) installed
  • The OS and BIOS (security) settings should allow the installation and running of the above mentioned virtualisation software/virtual OVA image
  • Enabled USB Port


Prior experience of working with PostgreSQL is preferred. Basic understanding of Relational Database concept will help in overall understanding of concepts and similarities between databases. Familiarity with SQL language is highly recommended. Familiarity with Linux platform and commands will be helpful in better understanding of lab sessions.

Location & Time

Radisson Blu Seaside
Ruoholahdenranta 3, 00180 Helsinki
Tuesday, June 5, 2018, 09:00 – 16:00