Today October 11th, 2017 here in San Francisco at PuppetConf 2017 we are introduced major innovations for managing and automating your ICT environment. Nordicmind team is happy to be be present at the conference, to be one of the first to learn about these exciting news.

Below a blog post by Sanjay Mirchandani, CEO of Puppet.

Puppet Discovery™

First of all, there’s the new Puppet Discovery. It enables frictionless discovery of hybrid infrastructure, provides deep insights about that infrastructure, and helps you bring it all under control. Thanks to everyone who tried Puppet Cloud Discovery. Your input was invaluable in shaping our new product offering.

Learn more about what Puppet Discovery can do in today’s blog post, and download the technical preview here.

Puppet Tasks™

Next up, we wanted to complement Puppet’s model-driven approach and make it easy for you to troubleshoot systems, deploy one-off changes, and execute sequenced actions. Today we’re launching Puppet Tasks, a new family of offerings that include Puppet Bolt™, a new open source task runner, and Puppet Enterprise Task Management, which adds scale, governance and flexibility for automating tasks across your infrastructure and apps.

For more details, read our blog post about Puppet Tasks.

Puppet Pipelines™ and Puppet® Container Registry

We recently acquired the continuous delivery platform Distelli, and we’re happy to introduce their products as a part of our portfolio: Puppet Pipelines™ for ApplicationsPuppet Pipelines™ for Containers, and Puppet® Container Registry.

Get to know these new products better in our blog post.

Puppet Enterprise 2017.3

The latest version of Puppet Enterprise comes with enhancements to Package Inspector that make it easier to browse and search for packages, performance and scalability enhancements in the Puppet 5 Platform, expanded Japanese language support, as well as Puppet Enterprise Task Management.

See what’s new in our blog post.

New modules for Kubernetes, Helm and Docker

We’re serious about helping you adopt whatever’s next. Today we’re thrilled to announce new modules to install and manage Kubernetes and Helm, and the applications running on your Kubernetes clusters. We also released an enhanced Docker module with support for Puppet Code Manager, Docker Swarm mode, and Docker Secrets.

Check out this blog post for all the details.

New partnerships

We’re proud to announce new partnerships with Google, Splunk and Arm, and also share the momentum we’re seeing with our Technical Alliances Partnership Program.

We’ve been working closely with our friends at Google Cloud to develop modules that automate the provisioning, configuration and management of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services. We announced our first set of GCP modules last month. Now we’re providing even more coverage to help customers migrate to the cloud faster with enhancements to existing modules plus three new modules: Google Cloud SpannerGoogle Cloud Pub/Suband Google Stackdriver. Google Cloud is also the first partner to include Puppet Tasks in their modules!

Splunk and Puppet have complementary products with Splunk providing insight into IT services and Puppet providing automated management and remediation capabilities. Together, we’ve released a new integration with Splunk ITSI, as well as a new app to give teams a foundation for continuous analysis and automation. The Splunk ITSI Module for Puppet Enterprise enables customers to identify an issue in Splunk ITSI and take action to remediate it with Puppet, all without leaving the Splunk interface. The Splunk App and Add-On for Puppet Enterprise gives customers a set of dashboards to view their Puppet Enterprise Server metrics so they can quickly troubleshoot issues.

Our Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) continues to grow. We’re working with some of the most prevalent vendors and technologies to help spread automation across the enterprise. New TAPP partners include Barracuda, CloudPassage, Conjur/CyberArk, Cumulus Networks, Electric Cloud, F5, Intelliment Security, Onyx Point, Splunk, Praecipio Consulting, and Sensu.

Arm technology powers over 100 billion devices, smart phones and supercomputers around the world. In collaboration with Arm, later this year Puppet will release and support a new agent to manage infrastructure built on the 64-bit Arm architecture.

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