Today at ObserveIT, we tweeted out an article about Javascript malware spreading on Facebook via Google chrome.

Researchers found that the Javascript malware works by sending users a notification that they have been tagged in a comment by one of their Facebook friends. Once the user clicks the link, the malware automatically begins to download on their device. Then, when the user clicks on certain files and images, the malware becomes executed; infecting the computer.

I didn’t know about the malware (and I’m in charge of our social media), so when I logged on to Facebook this morning, you might think that I contracted it. Fortunately for me, my security team was aware of the malware ahead of time and set up rules in ObserveIT to warn our employees about it before they logged on. ObserveIT is a security software that protects companies from intentional and unintentional insider threats through features like real-time alerting (it was actually the pop-up that prompted me to look up the article above and tweet it!).

ObserveIT’s simple pop-up describes the threat and prompts the user to acknowledge it, then type a response to indicate their understanding of the rule. This pop-up can run until the threat has been diffused, and then be easily turned off. Or, it can be set to pop-up just once.

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