Enabling Enterprises to Adopt Postgres

EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus is the best database and tools package in the PostgreSQL
ecosystem for enterprise database compatibility, performance, scalability,
high availability, monitoring, management, disaster recovery and application development.

Key Features


  • 24/7 support and hotfix & security patches
  • Fixed yearly subscription fee including all tools, features, maintenance & support
  • Physical/Virtual/Cloud-friendly subscription model. Pay only for what you actually use.


  • Enhanced Auditing
  • Row level Security (VPD)
  • SQL injection prevention


  • Enterprise management, monitoring and tuning
  • Single-master & Multi-master Replication
  • Replication from Oracle & MSSQL to Postgres Plus and vice versa
  • HA Failover
  • Migration Toolkit for Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL and MySQL
  • Backup & Recovery Tools


  • Resource Manager to dedicate CPU/IO to workloads
  • Enhanced Partitioning
  • Index Advisor & Query Hints
  • Auto tuning depending on server and workload

Oracle Compatibility

This is what you should know about EnterpriseDB’s Oracle compatibility.

EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus compatibility for Oracle covers the most popular database features allowing your staff to continue leveraging their Oracle knowledge and skills while saving money to put into new projects.

By capping new Oracle license purchases and re-purposing existing Oracle licenses,
Postgres Plus from EnterpriseDB frees you from vendor lock-in without sacrificing capabilities or incurring productivity killing re-training programs.

You can keep Oracle where you must, but at the same time smoothly integrate to a low cost alternative.

Database compatibility for Oracle makes it easier to migrate from Oracle to Postgres Plus and re-use Oracle skills. EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus supports PL/SQL, OCI, Oracle SQL extensions, objects and packages – even many commands are identical like EDB*Loader, EDB*Plus, EDB*Wrap, etc.

Replicate your Oracle databases to Postgres Plus to offload reporting data and:

  • Increase your OLTP Performance – By replicating data to a report server you remove read only loads from your main transaction server boosting response times.
  • Increase Reporting Performance – Utilizing a dedicated reporting server means your reports no longer have to compete for machine resources with high priority business transactions.
  • Reduce your Licensing Costs – No need to buy new and more expensive hardware and licenses.

Oracle Standard Edition (SE) and Oracle Standard Edition ONE (SE1) EOL from December 1st, 2015. Oracle Standard Edition 2 (SE2) will only support 2 sockets, meaning if you have a +2 socket environment you’ll need to upgrade to Oracle Enterprise Editiion (EE).

EnterpriseDB has a flexible licensing model where you only need subscription for the servers/VMs actually having Postgres installed. This gives great flexibility and minimize cost for virtual and private/public cloud environments.


Oracle Migration Assessment Service

Discover A Clear Path To Cost Savings with a Migration Assessment for your Oracle databases

Utilizing years of Oracle migration experience and 9th generation compatibility software, a Database Migration Assessment will give you a clear picture of the cost savings and effort involved in moving your Oracle based data and application to a EDB Postgres Plus platform.

With a dataless schemadump and a brief overview of your existing Oracle environment, we will analyze and summarize across five key database compatibility categories into a comprehensive report that also includes a migration complexity index rating. Within each category migration issues will be detailed with accompanying narrative specifying migration best practices within the EDB migration methodology.

The report will also clearly indicate:

  • Which Oracle objects will migrate without modification
  • Which objects will utilize a compatible implementation
  • Unsupported Oracle features and potential substitution features


EnterpriseDB is widely used both globally and in the Nordics – covering Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Customers include different verticals for example from finance and telecommunication to transport and government sector.

“Postgres Plus from EDB is a very robust database platform. Each year we save a tremendous amount of license money compared to earlier.”

Senior Architect


“We’ve based our new customer webplatform on Postgres Plus from EnterpriseDB to minimize costs without going on compromise with security, performance, features and SLA.”

Project Manager


“We are in process of migrating from another database platform to Postgres Plus in all our datacenters saving a lot of license costs which was the main driving factor.”

IT Manager


“Developing our new platform on open-source based database platform gives us flexibility, stability and cost savings.”

IT Purchase Manager

Government department

Gartner: EnterpriseDB is a Leader

Operational Database Management Systems

Gartner placed EnterpriseDB in the Leaders Quadrant for the 2nd year running. Consider some of the statements from Gartner’s recent State of Open-Source RDBMSs, 2015 report:

  • Open-source relational DBMSs have matured significantly and can be used to replace commercial RDBMSs at a considerable TCO saving.
  • We believe that as much as 80% of the in-house developed application portfolio may be candidates to migrate, and 50% of existing commercial RDBMS instances will be converted by 2018.
  • We believe this trend will continue so that, by 2018, more than 70% of new in-house applications will be developed on an OSDBMS.

In fact, Gartner recommends moving all available workloads to open source RDBMS as rapidly as possible. With so many competing demands for IT resources, can you afford to over-spend on your RDBMS?

Download the report to learn why 70% of new apps and 50% of current apps will be on open source relational databases by 2018.

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