DevSecMorning 2018

DevSecOps Key Principles, Practices and Technologies.


Helsinki 16.5.2018

Stockholm 17.5.2018

Gothenburg 18.5.2018


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Welcome to DevSecOps Breakfast Seminar!

Like DevOps, DevSecOps seeks to achieve greater efficiency and productivity, but the DevSecOps approach incorporates security principles. DevSecOps practitioners seek to work alongside developers at every step of the way, unlike traditional security approaches, which can be slow and come along too late in the deployment process. (*)

In this event you will hear how to implement DevSecOps practices, what are the typical use cases, and learn about the leading technologies.

Event is free of charge, and is targeted for IT specialists, architects and managers.


08:30Registration & Breakfast
09:00Welcome & Kickoff
09:05Putting Sec into Devops
DevOps is speeding up Agile development with Automation. The delivery process, integrations (CI/CD), Testing are automated, version control documented, but all these good things do not increase security if you do not pay attention. In this presentation you get food for thoughts on how to introduce Security thinking in the modern DevOps world. / Pekka Siltala-Li, Cloud Architect, Eficode
09:45DevSecOps: Security at DevOps Speed
Software development is pressed for faster and faster release cycles with acceptable quality, budget and security. As movements like CI, CD and Devops aim to cut down on release cycles, it’s security’s job to help control the risk. The risk landscape is complex as modern development practices increasingly consume more and more third party code. Traditional methods do not cut it anymore – it’s time for DevSecOps. This session gives an overview of how companies have implemented DevSecOps practices in their own delivery pipelines and how this can help increase developer awareness of risks affecting them. We’ll walk an example CICD Pipeline and explore how security has been embedded as a part of it, how the movement is shaping up and how standards are starting to follow suite. / Ilkka Turunen, Global Director, Pre-sales Engineering, Sonatype
10:25Coffee Break
10:35Define and Deploy Your Security Policies
Learn how to define your security policies as infrastructure as code as part of your development workflow. Build your organization's policies right into your configurations, and know they'll be deployed and enforced. / Kevin Reeuwijk, Sr Sales Engineer, Puppet & Michael Svendsen, Head of Pre-sales, Nordicmind
11:15DevSecOps: Balance Speed & Agility with Security & Compliance
Developers are shifting to a DevOps delivery model to increase the speed of delivering new code and features to the market. But as a security and IT practitioner, you want security-first, enterprise-wide solutions that support your development teams without compromising on security. / Josh Kirkwood, DevOps Security Lead, UK & North Europe, CyberArk
11:55Q&A, Wrap up

Dates & Locations


Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Clarion Hotel Helsinki
Tyynenmerenkatu 2, Helsinki


Thursday, May 17, 2018
Klara Strand
Klarabergsviadukten 90, Stockholm


Friday, May 18, 2018
Åvägen 24, Göteborg

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