DevOps Tooling Day Stockholm

DevOps Workflow Automation with Puppet!



Welcome to the first DevOps Tooling Day Stockholm!

DevOps Tooling Day introduces the best tools and practices for connecting agile development to core of business. In the first DevOps Tooling Day in Stockholm we will focus on automation, which is the foundation for many DevOps practices. It helps you move faster without sacrificing stability or security.

In this event we will discuss how to deliver technology changes faster, release better software, and do it all more frequently with confidence.



08:30Registration & Breakfast
09:00Welcome & Kickoff: DevOps & Automation

Fredrik Svensson, Co-Founder and Regional Manager, Redpill Linpro

09:30Puppetizing Infrastructure

Essential concepts of the Puppet ecosystem to effectively manage the infrastructure: How to discover and solve real world problems, how to use the Puppet Enterprise console and write platform discovery tools (facts), troubleshoot common Puppet errors and misconfigurations, and use native platform tooling with Puppet on several platforms.

Faz Sadeghi, Technical Solutions Engineer, Puppet

10:15Coffee Break
10:30Puppet Customer Introduction

Robert Rosengren, Unix and Linux SME, Swedbank

11:00DevOps & Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is a key to automate intelligently and deliberately. It enables customers to see what their IT infrastructure looks like and what it’s doing before attempting to automate anything or do something invasive.

We will show how to be aware of the current “situation” in the computing environments and how to use that awareness to understand what you got, what you could manage, and how to organise it so that you can begin to automate using Puppet.

Alberta Bosco, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Puppet

 11:30Wrap up, Q&A, Lottery

Event ends at 11.45

Program subject to changes

Location & Time

Meetings at Klara Strand, Klarabergsviadukten 90, Stockholm
Thursday, June 1st, 2017, 08:30am – 11:45am

DevOps Tooling Day Stockholm is organized in cooperation with Nordicmind and Redpill Linpro.