DevOps Tooling Day Copenhagen

The best tools and practices for connecting agile development to core of business.

Welcome to the first DevOps Tooling Day Copenhagen!

In this event you will see and hear DevOps related use cases and real live examples, enterprise grade tool chains and workflows. Facts you really want to know.


DevOps Tooling Day is organized as part of Open Source Days 2017 – the de-facto industry event in Denmark.

08:30Registration & Breakfast
09:00Welcome / Henrik Møller, Open Source Days
09:20IBM and Linux / David Chancellor Maddison, European Big Data and Analytics Leader Systems Group, IBM
10:05Why are the other nordics even more opensourced? / Anders Lilling, CEO, Redpill Linpro
10:50One of the world’s largest Linux Data Centers is… Microsoft Azure / Jan Cordtz, Data Platform Solution Architect, Microsoft
12:00Puppetizing Infrastructure

Learn the essential concepts of the Puppet Enterprise ecosystem required to effectively manage the infrastructure. You will learn how to discover and use community modules to solve real world problems. You will see how to use the Puppet Enterprise console and write platform discovery tools (facts), troubleshoot common Puppet errors and misconfigurations, and use native platform tooling with Puppet on several platforms.

Faz Sadeghi, Professional Services Engineer, Puppet

 12:40Developing the Developers most Important Skill

In this session we will share some development best practices by focusing on collaboration, continuous delivery, and continuous improvement. First we will discuss how code quality improves when you share your work with a larger audience and do public and open code reviews. In this context we will also explore the benefits of rigorous testing and automated deployments. Next we will look at ways to bring your tools into your chat interface to allow people to execute operations and track progress across teams around issues, code changes, build statuses or deployments. Lastly, we’ll see how to refactor code with some science and how all of these pieces help make you a happier developer who ships better code more often.

Bas Peters, Solutions Engineer, GitHub

13:20Automate Open Source Management in an Agile World

Black Duck provides a tool to manage Open Source risks such as License risks, Security vulnerabilities, Operational risks (such as community activity and lifecycle management). The presentation will cover how to pick the right open source component to solve the problem, mitigate risks and how integrate the tool in a CI environment including a demo.

Peter Andersson, Solution Architect, Black Duck

 14:00What is Docker and what does it solve

Docker is a lightweight virtualization technology, which makes it easy to create, instantiate and discard virtual machine contexts on a Linux host. But why is that interesting? We will look at three different usecases: A Continuous Integration platform, a pool of webservers in a production environment, and a proof of concept setup.

Thomas Ammitzbøll-Bach


Containers, and the process of moving Community Containers and Docker into an Enterprise Environment with Openshift. A technical Demo would also be included.

Martin Juhl, Consultant, Casalogic

15:20 – 16:00Free Software In Europe’s Public Sector; HOW TO open source in public administration / Gijs Hilleniu, European Commission’s Open Source Observatory and Repository

Program subject to changes

Event Location & Date

Venue: Symbion, Fruebjergvej 3, Copenhagen, Denmark.

DevOps Tooling Day takes place in March 17, 2017

DevOps Tooling Day is organized during the Business Day of Open Source Days 2017.

Open Source Days is a two-day event:
March 17: Business Day (including Devops Tooling Day)
March 18: Community Day

Tickets and Registration

Entrance Fee to Open Source Days’ Business Day (including DevOps Tooling Day) on March 17 is 950 DKK.

Tickets & Registration

DevOps Tooling Day Copenhagen is organized in cooperation with Nordicmind and Open Source Days.