Jenkins in the Enterprise Environment


How to Ensure Security, Scalability and Operability


February 10th @ 9-11 CET



Tech Deep Dive: Jenkins in the Enterprise Environment

Jenkins is the most famous automation engine and well known for implementing CI and CD use cases. The original idea of Jenkins was to serve for one team or one environment. However over time Jenkins is typically used in many areas, for many teams and applications. This results either in Jenkins sprawl or in a slow, unstable Jenkins master (“Jenkinstein”).

In this technical session we will dig a bit deeper into how to manage and easily operate Jenkins at scale, consistently and securely.

This session is free of charge and is targeted for IT specialists, architects and DevOps & Software Development Team Leaders.


In this session you will see & learn:

How to operate, manage and control all your Jenkins servers with ONE interface

How to create new projects and teams quickly via pre-configured security, permissions and integrations

How to easily monitor and keep your Jenkins and Jenkins Plugins up-to-date and healthy

How to manage and operate your Jenkins as code (CI as Code)

What are currently the most desired solutions for your CI/CD that integrate with Jenkins

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Session Specialists

Michael Svendsen
Head of Presales and Services, Nordicmind

Pablo Navascues Jimenez
Senior Solutions Architect, CloudBees


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