How to Increase Security on Authentication?

Authlogics & Nordicmind Webinar

September 25, 2017: Helsinki 13:00, Stockholm-Oslo-Copenhagen 12:00


How to stop the endless war between password policy makers and real world passwords? How multifactor authentication or two-way ID helps on it? How to increase security on MFA?

The need to improve logon security beyond passwords is not new, and neither is two Factor Authentication. Two Factor Authentication is usually defined by “something you know” and “something you have”. Unfortunately most vendors in the market today simply add a “something you have” as a band-aid on top of a PIN/password, and sell it as a 2FA solution, when in fact they are only adding a single factor to what you already have.

At Authlogics we do things differently, our aim was to get rid of the password entirely. We also wanted to make the login process less cumbersome for end users, all while providing a very high level of security. The result of this ambition is our patented PINgrid and PINphrase technologies. We also developed PINpass which adheres to the same industry standards (OATH) as most other vendors, providing a solution where standards compliance is a priority. All this is available for any kind of authentication and ID verification needs including Amazon, Azure, Office 365, desktops, on-premise applications etc.



Currently used standard password policies

The framework authorities are pushing for

How easy it is to comply with the new framework

What are the available alternatives

The time it will take to implement these changes


Webinar will be held in English. Duration: 1 hour.

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