Zimbra blog entry:

Our vision for Enterprise Collaboration remains clear: it should be Open, Private and Secure. At Zimbra, these principles are in our DNA, for both Zimbra Collaboration and Zimbra Talk.

In March we announced Zimbra Talk, our chat, videoconferencing and screen-sharing product that extends Zimbra Collaboration capabilities.

We live in the days where every single work-related communication should be lightning fast but always protected by privacy and security. Zimbra Talk delivers the best combination of integrated chat, videoconferencing and screen-sharing without moving away from the web browser or from the Zimbra Web client, for both on-premises or Cloud deployment.

What’s new in Zimbra Talk v2.3?

After our previous Release v2.2.17.2  in June 2016, we are thrilled to announce the new Zimbra Talk version. This version includes tons of changes, the most significant being the complete redesign of the Zimbra Talk UI: it now one hundred percent matches the Zimbra Web Client. Let’s take a look at each new improvement in detail:

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