2017-11-21: Red Hat Dev Forum in Finland

Welcome to join Red Hat in an event November 21, 2017!  Event is hosted in Scandic Marina Congress Center, Helsinki.

In the digital era software developers are in the center of innovation. Software in all its forms are requiring a broad set of dependencies of the underlying platforms. As the nature of software is developing towards microservices application runtimes optimized for such use cases become more popular.

As Red Hat integrates a variety of runtimes on top of OpenShift you can be assured that your software will be supported even from a runtime perspective over its lifecycle. This is how Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtime (RHOAR) can help you as a developer to streamline your application production and pipeline while giving you access to the modern tools. RHOAR is one of many topics on the agenda and during this Dev Forum we will focus on what’s happening in the OpenShift area.

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