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For IT, past results are every bit as important as future performance.
That’s why for more than a decade, Red Hat® solutions have been trusted in the world’s
most rigorous datacenters, handling everything from the critical to the routine.



Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Versatile platform that can be deployed on physical systems, as a guest on the most widely available hypervisors, or in the cloud. Supports all major h/w platforms and thousands of applications. Read more.


Red Hat Satellite

Centralized management of RHEL and other Red Hat systems including patch, OS & software deployments, updates, monitoring and maintenance. Read More.



Red Hat CloudForms

Build and manage open hybrid clouds that reduce the complexity resulting from virtualization and diverse business requirements. Read more.


OpenStack Platform

Secure, scalable platform for building public and private clouds. Read more.


OpenShift PaaS

An open, hybrid PaaS that lets developers quickly develop, host, scale, and deliver apps in the cloud. Read more.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

  • Complete end-to-end enterprise virtualization solution for servers and virtual desktops (VDI).
  • Web-based intuitive management tool.
  • Combines an advanced Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor with an enterprise-class management system.
  • Provides the lowest cost of ownership among enterprise virtualization platforms.

Read more


Red Hat Gluster Storage

Provides a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective data management platform, streamlining file and object access across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Read more.


Red Hat Ceph Storage

Provides a robust, highly scalable block and object storage platform for enterprises deploying public or private clouds. Read more.


Red Hat Mobile

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform supports an agile approach to developing, integrating, and deploying enterprise mobile applications whether the apps are native, hybrid, or on the web. Read more.


Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware

JBoss is a family of lightweight, cloud-friendly, enterprise-grade products that help organizations innovate faster, in a smarter way. It includes a large portfolio of middleware software for building and deploying applications in private, public, and on-premise environments. Read more.


JBoss Operations Network

A single point of control to deploy, manage, and monitor JBoss solutions. Read more.

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Java™ EE 6 container to build, run, and manage Java-based services.


Other Products

  • JBoss Web Server – For large-scale websites and lightweight Java web applications
  • JBoss Data Grid – An intelligent, distributed data caching solution
  • JBoss Portal – A framework for the development of websites and self-service applications
  • JBoss Developer Studio – Eclipse-based integrated development environment

JBoss Fuse

A small-footprint, flexible enterprise service bus (ESB)


JBoss A-MQ

A small-footprint, high-performance messaging platform


JBoss Data Virtualization

An integration platform that unifies data from disparate sources into a single source and exposes the data as a reusable service

Red Hat JBoss BRMS

A robust business rules management system (BRMS) that gives business decision makers the ability to quickly create and change business rules.


Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite

A business process and decision management platform that combines business rules management, business process management (BPM), and complex event processing.