FREE EnterpriseDB trainings! Database Admin and Building a Modern Architecture

Two free Postgres classes from the experts at EnterpriseDB available now. The courses are online. Learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.

You will receive…

– Two Full-length Courses
– 25 Modules
– Online & Self-paced Learning
– Unlimited Time to Spend with Each Course*

You will learn…

– Postgres Fundamentals
– Database Administration Best Practices
– Major Performance, Security, and Manageability Features of EDB Postgres
– Oracle Compatibility and Migration
– Creating Highly Available, Highly Resilient, and Secure Enterprise-class Environments
– Practical Skills for real-world scenarios and preparation for the Associate Certification

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Postgres Administration Essentials from EDB

Course covers:

The fundamentals of Postgres
The major features in EDB Postgres Advanced Server
System architecture and processes
Setup and configuration
Setting environment variables
Creating and managing databases
Setting security parameters
Backup and recovery
Routine maintenance, and more.

The course also explains database compatibility for Oracle in
EDB Postgres Advanced Server, including how to identify
migration candidates and how to migrate databases.

Building a Modern Postgres Architecture

Course covers:

Monitor, manage, and tune database deployments;
Implement retention policies and recovery requirements, and perform backups for large-scale Postgres deployments;
Support automated failover and allow DBAs to create extremely reliable solutions with over 99.99% availability;
Execute migrations from major vendors to EDB Postgres;
Replicate data with geographic load balancing, simplified real-time migration, and heterogeneous data integration;
Protect against multiple SQL injection vectors at the data tier;
Secure proprietary source code and programs, and more.

This course teaches how to use a series of tools developed by EnterpriseDB that ensure highly resilient, secure environments for mission-critical workloads.


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