5 Security Technologies that Address Insider Threat

I’m sure we can all agree there’s a lot of noise in the cybersecurity marketplace surrounding technology. Which security solutions do what? When it comes to mitigating insider threats, which tools address the problem and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

Forrester Senior Analyst, Joseph Blankenship, shared his perspective on the insider threat technology landscape in our webinar Cybersecurity Game Changers: A Look at Insider Threat Technologies. The webinar is chock-full of great info on how to address the insider threat challenge with a holistic approach of people, process and technology – we highly recommend checking it out!

Knowing there is more work to be done than hours in the day, we are sharing some of the key takeaways. Here’s a look at the security tools that combat insider threats and stop data loss as well as some other nuggets from our webinar.

“If any company thinks that they don’t have an insider threat problem, they aren’t looking.”
-Cyber Security Leader, Fortune 500 Company

Mitigating insider threat risk can be summed up in a few simple words: “People, Process, Technology.” And, according to Forrester, technology really should be the last piece of the puzzle.

What do we mean by that? Often, there is a misconception that cutting-edge technology or a shiny piece of software will solve the problem of data loss. The truth is that understanding who has access to your critical systems and data, and implementing a process to detect and respond when out-of-policy actions occur are just as important as implementing technology. A layered approach is the key to protecting your company from data exfiltration.

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