Value Added Distribution

Nordicmind is a Northern European value added distributor of carefully selected ICT products with primary focus on IT Continuity, Datacenter, Open Source and Infrastructure Security Architectures.

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13 Years in Business

Nordicmind has been offering value added distribution services since 2002.

Over 1000 Channel Partners

Significant value added network across the operating territory.

Almost 200.000.000 People

Our key operating territory covers Scandinavia, Baltic countries and Russia.

About Nordicmind

  • Value Added Distribution and Channel Development for Leading ICT Solutions
  • Founded 2002 in Helsinki
  • Locations: Finland, Denmark, Sweden
  • Key Operating Territory: Northern Europe, Russia and CIS
  • 1000+ Channel Partners
  • All sales in-directly through the channel
  • Recognized Professionally (Numerous industry certifications, awards and nominations)


Nordicmind is a value added distributor of carefully selected ICT products and solutions.

Capricode Synchshield


Scalable smartphone and tablet management

  • Supports Android, iOS and Windows Phones
  • Available as SaaS and on-premises installation
  • Vendor and Cloud Service located in Finland
  • Over 400 enterprise customers
  • Manage Applications, Settings, Security and Policies
  • Monitor & Troubleshoot
  • Scheduled, recurring and automatic tasks
  • Intelligent BYOD management

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UTM – Unified Threat Management

  • Cost-effective, enterprise features and high performance
  • Available as physical/virtual appliance
  • Easy deployment, configuration simplicity + flexibility
  • Unique Layer-8 Security & Spot risky users with (User threat Quotient)
  • Minimize 0-day attacks/vulnerability with updates from Cyberoam
  • Categorized web filtering
  • WAF – Protects web applications and web servers from hackers.
    Including SSL Offloading.
  • License free SSL VPN! Clients for Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android

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Postgres Plus Standard


PostgreSQL with 24/7 SLA and Management

  • Packaged, Tested and Supported PostgreSQL database
  • Web-based Central Management for whole PostgreSQL environment
  • Replicate data from Oracle/MSSQL to PostgreSQL in order to save costs and improve OLTP and Reporting Performance
  • Automated schema/data migration from Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL and MySQL

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Postgres Plus Advanced


Oracle Compatible Database, with 24/7 SLA

  • Oracle-like functionality supporting Oracle PL/SQL, OCI, objects, packages, functions, etc.
  • Web-based Central Management for whole PostgreSQL environment
  • Includes Partitioning, Row Level Security (VPD), Query Optimizer Hints
  • Failover Clustering and Multi-Master Replication
  • Also Available: Oracle Migration Assessment. Receive a full report describing how easy you can migrate to Postgres Plus Advanced Server

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Servers, Storages, Routers, Switches and other network components.

  • Huawei has the highest growth rate of all h/w vendors
  • Support & Maintenance managed locally (hi-care & co-care models)
  • Strong local coverage (150-700 employees in each Nordic country)
  • Very competitive pricing and technology
  • Complete solutions for (Cloud) Data Centers, Enterprise Networking, Wireless Private Networks and Agile Collaboration (teleconference, UC, etc.)

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JBoss - Overview


JBoss is a large portfolio of middleware software for building and deploying applications in private, public, and on-premise environments.

  • Accelerate: Applications are built, tested, and deployed faster.
  • Integrate: Systems and data are connected more easily.
  • Automate: Manual, time-consuming processes are automated.
  • Manage: JBoss Operations Network provides a single point of control to deploy, manage, and monitor JBoss solutions.

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JBoss - Accelerate


Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

  • Java™ EE 6 container to build, run, and manage Java-based services.

Other Solutions

  • For large-scale websites and lightweight Java web applications (Red Hat JBoss Web Server)
  • An intelligent, distributed data caching solution (Red Hat JBoss Data Grid)
  • A framework for the development of websites and self-service applications (Red Hat JBoss Portal)
  • Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) (Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio)

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JBoss - Integrate


Red Hat JBoss Fuse

  • A small-footprint, flexible enterprise service bus (ESB)

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ

  • A small-footprint, high-performance messaging platform

Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization

  • An integration platform that unifies data from disparate sources into a single source and exposes the data as a reusable service

Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works (SOA Integration Suite)

  • Build, deploy, integrate, and present applications and services

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JBoss - Automate


Red Hat JBoss BRMS

  • A robust business rules management system (BRMS) that gives business decision makers the ability to quickly create and change business rules.

Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite

  • A business process and decision management platform that combines business rules management, business process management (BPM), and complex event processing.

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Complete feature-rich centralized management of systems, mobility, security, assets and services.

  • Desktop Management (Management Suite)
  • Security Management (Security Suite)
  • IT Asset Management Suite
  • Mobility Manager (MDM, MAM)
  • Service Desk / ITSM Suite

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ManageEngine / Active Directory


Solutions for identity and access management in Windows environments

  • AD Change Auditing and Reporting (ADAudit Plus)
  • AD Management and Reporting (ADManager Plus)
  • Self-Service Password Management (ADSelfService Plus)
  • Exchange Server Change Audit and Reporting (Exchange Reporter Plus)
  • Integrated Identity and Access Management (AD360)
  • AD Backup and Recovery (RecoveryManager Plus)

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ManageEngine / Application


Manage and monitor application performance focused on IT operations and DevOps teams

  • Server and Application Performance Monitoring, supports +50 applications out-of-the-box (Applications Manager)
  • Multi-Vendor Storage Management (OpStor)
  • SQL Server Management (SQLDBManager Plus)

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ManageEngine / Desktop Central


Desktop Management for Windows and Mac

  • Patch Management
  • Software Deployment
  • Remote Control
  • Asset Management
  • Windows Configuration
  • Service Pack Installation
  • Active Directory Reports
  • User Administration
  • OS Deployment
  • USB Device Management
  • Power Management
  • Windows Tools

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ManageEngine / Help Desk


Solutions for managing IT help desk, customer support, and IT asset lifecycle

  • ITIL-Ready Help Desk (ServiceDesk Plus)
  • Customer Support and Help Desk Management for MSPs (SupportCenter Plus)
  • Asset Lifecycle Management (AssetExplorer)
  • Collaborate in Real-time (Social IT Plus)

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ManageEngine / MDM


Mobile Device Management for iOS, Android and Windows

  • Device Enrollment
  • App Management
  • Profile Management
  • Asset Management
  • Security Management
  • Audit and Reports

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ManageEngine / Network


Solutions for managing every aspect of network performance

  • Network and Data Center Infrastructure Management (OpManager)
  • Network Traffic Analysis and Bandwidth Management (NetFlow Analyzer)
  • Network Configuration Management
  • Automated, Layer 2 Discovery and Mapping (TopoMapper Plus)
  • Switch Port and IP Address Management (OpUtils)
  • Monitor and Manage Cisco UCS (CI Manager Plus)
  • 3D Visual Monitoring Software for Data Centers (RackBuilder Plus)
  • Virtualization Monitoring Software (VM Manager Plus)

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ManageEngine / Security


Solutions for managing IT security and compliance

  • IT Compliance and Log Management (SIEM) (EventLog Analyzer)
  • Firewall Security and Configuration Management (Firewall Analyzer)
  • Privileged Password Management (Password Manager Pro)
  • Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (Network Defender Plus)

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Red Hat Linux Platform


Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

  • Versatile platform that can be deployed on physical systems,
    as a guest on the most widely available hypervisors, or in the cloud.
  • Supports all major h/w platforms and thousands of applications

Red Hat Satellite

  • Centralized management of RHEL systems including patch, OS & software deployments, updates, monitoring and maintenance

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Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure


Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure

  • Build and manage an open, private IaaS cloud and ease your way into a highly scalable, public-cloud-like infrastructure based on OpenStack.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

  • Secure, scalable platform for building public and private clouds

Red Hat CloudForms

  • Build and manage open hybrid clouds that reduce the complexity resulting from virtualization and diverse business requirements.

OpenShift by Red Hat

  • An open, hybrid PaaS that lets developers quickly develop, host, scale, and deliver apps in the cloud.

Red Hat Certificate System

  • An enterprise software system that gives you a scalable, secure framework to establish and maintain trusted identities and keep communications private.

Red Hat Directory Server

  • An operating system-independent, network-based registry that lets administrators centrally store user identity and application information.

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Red Hat Virtualization


RHEV is a complete virtualization system that enable customers centrally and effectively manage & virtualize their data centers.

  • Complete end-to-end enterprise virtualization solution for servers and virtual desktops (VDI).
  • Web-based intuitive management tool.
  • Combines an advanced Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor with an enterprise-class management system.
  • Provides the lowest cost of ownership among enterprise virtualization platforms.

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Red Hat Storage


Open, Software-Defined Storage

Red Hat Gluster Storage

  • Provides a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective data management platform, streamlining file and object access across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Red Hat Ceph Storage

  • Provides a robust, highly scalable block and object storage platform for enterprises deploying public or private clouds.

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Riak - NoSQL Database


Database for unstructured data, with low latency, high availability,
, simplicity and scalability.

  • Scalable. Because of architecture, you can simply add/remove nodes for linear scalability.
  • Ensures 100% Availability (sixteen nines!). Distributed redundancy within Riak cluster.
  • Expands easily and scales for geographically disbursed locations. Reducing latency for end customers.
  • Supports mixed environments, physical, virtual, cloud

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Riak CS - Cloud Storage


True distributed S3 compatible object storage for unstructured data, built on Riak NoSQL architecture.

  • Same technical highlights as Riak NoSQL.
  • Supporting up to 5TB objects.
  • API Compatibility (Amazon S3, OpenStack).

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SEP - Hybrid Backup


SAP certified Hybrid Backup Solution

  • Comprehensive, Cost-Effective and Scalable Backup Solution
  • Supporting Windows, Linux, UNIX, MacOS, etc.
  • Multi-Stream, backup multiple servers in parallel and reduce backup window
  • Agent-less backup of VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V with file-level restore
  • Deduplication, Data Replication, Bare-metal Restore
  • Backup plugin for: Lotus, Exchange, Sharepoint, GroupWise, Vibe, iFolder, Open-Xchange, SAP, Zarafa, Filr, DB2, Informix, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL

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SIOS DataKeeper for WSFC


Replication add-on for Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) to create SANLess clusters

  • Supporting any storage such as SAN, NFS, local storage, SSD and PCIe-Flash
  • Supports any environment (physical, virtual, cloud)
  • No performance limit. Near native/standalone-speed – also in synchronous mode!
  • Doesn’t require Enterprise edition of clustered products
  • Only Microsoft Certified option for clustering SQL Standard Edition in Azure

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SIOS HADR Protection Suite


Complete clustering solution for Linux and Windows, supporting any environment and any storage.

  • Integrated data replication feature enabling SANLess clusters and geo-dispersed clusters.
  • All features packed in ONE easy to use complete product
  • Supporting physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • Supporting any storage such as SAN, NFS, local storage, SSD and PCIe-Flash
  • Doesn’t require Enterprise editions of products (fx MSSQL Enterprise, Oracle Enterprise, etc.)
  • Easy to use, scriptable, create cluster by point-and-click

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SIOS IQ for VMware


Machine learning analytics for optimizing VMware environments

  • Overview of Performance, Efficiency, Reliability and Capacity across whole VMware infrastructure
  • Unique Host-based caching analysis estimating IOPS and latency improvement gained by adding cache
  • Waste analysis with overview and details of idle VMs and unused snapshots
  • Datastore anomaly analysis identifying anomalies in datastores. Analyzing symptoms and root cause from guests, hosts, network, storage

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WebNMS enables network equipment providers and service providers to cost-effectively build highly customizable EMS solutions that can dramatically cut development times while meeting carrier-grade network requirements.

Users can quickly and easily deploy high performance, high availability EMS and NMS solutions because of the flexibility in the WebNMS framework.

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Zimbra Email & Collaboration


Zimbra is highly scalable Exchange-like collaboration platform.

  • Cost effective (fraction of Exchange and Office365 price)
  • Partners/MSPs are able to brand Zimbra as their own and offer a full-scale e-mail/collaboration platform
  • Open API enables integration into existing intranet, VoIP, etc. systems
  • Supports Microsoft Outlook/MAPI
  • Supports mobile OS (MS, iOS, Android, Blackberry) with push feature
  • Supports tables with touch webmail interface

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Zimbra Social


Zimbra Social is an online community and private social networking
that enhances customer support and increases productivity.

  • Pre-built integration with Sitecore, Salesforce, Sharepoint, …
  • Single-Sign-On with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Google, AD, …
  • With Zimba Social you can increase Productivity, Employee social collaboration, Social marketing, Social customer support, Brand loyalty and customer engagement

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Zimbra Sync and Share


Zimbra Sync and Share is a secure, flexible and scalable way to access, share and manage corporate files.

  • A secure, carrier-grade app for file sync and share
  • Multi-tenant
  • Storage agnostic
  • Chargeback data
  • Built for massively scalable clouds
  • Supports web browsers and mobile devices
  • Extension to Email Collaboration and Social

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 Value Added Services

Nordicmind works in close cooperation with its partners as a highly specialized expert organization providing variety of different level services to all products in its portfolio. We also have dedicated product managers and owners for each product.


  • Technical presentations and demonstrations
  • Piloting, POC, Evaluation


  • Engagement, Project Management
  • Architectural design
  • Configuration, Installation, Deployment, Tuning


  • Training
  • Support and helpdesk


Unquestionable integrity and loyalty for our partners is one of our key values. Nordicmind imports and distributes products from selected vendors and makes those available to end-customers through its value added reseller network across 15 countries.


We partner with system integrators, solution providers, HSPs, MSPs, VARs and other channel partners.

What we offer to resellers:

  • Fast deliveries, flexible service, dedicated contact persons
  • Comprehensive sales and technical enablement
  • Pre-sales support
  • Installation and deployment assistance
  • Support services, escalation process
  • Marketing and promotion activities
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Manufacturers & Vendors

The key element of our business are the vendors who we have carefully selected, and who we are proud and committed to represent.

What we offer to vendors:

  • Committed channel across 15 countries including
  • Skilled team of professionals and dedicated contact persons
  • An efficient way to reach viable Nordic market
  • Proven marketing methods
  • Accurate reporting and processes
Want to Enter the Nordic Market?

Locate a Reseller?

Want to locate a reseller or solution provider for a particular product? Please contact us and our sales team will short-list you suitable partners near you.




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